About Us

A tech agency serving hundreds of applications since 2014

What we do

We do a lot of stuff, here we provide hosting for our clients be it a website, a multiplayer game, or just a place to share some files. We host everything here for a great price.


The Anthonian Group is an invention company that creates beneficial inventions and innovations for the world 🌎. We work hard on making innovative solutions that will blow your mind. Our innovative solutions are powering over 300 services across the globe.


We are a people of honor, we work hard to get the job done. Our dedication to your success is enormous. We treat our clients like family, and we’re always here for them.

What we stand for

Customer Centricity

Our products exist for our customers, we constantly listen to feedback and improve our products to better serve our customer's needs.

Trust & Integrity

We know that our customer depends on us to provide secure hosting services to whom they entrust their data. We work hard to protect these data every day.

Cost Conscious

We know that good hosting has to be affordable for people to enjoy. This is why our plans are carefully priced with constant promotions and deals to keep the price down.

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